The companion


Life is a journey, as we al know
But we don't travel it alone
Along the way we pick up companions
And after a while some of them are gone

I met this companion when I was a child
He's been travelling with me ever since
It's the type of companion you don't really want
He sometimes even makes me wince

He is always there but not always near
And I can't seem to shake him
Even tough that I have often tried
It's like he is a limb

The worst thing of all is the state of his purse
He always seems to be broke
Always expects me to pay everything
You know the type of bloke

Because of his behaviour and the fact that I'm not rich
I'm often nearly broke as well
It has happened more than I would like
I wish he would say his farewell

There are time that I am scraping
For tiny bits and pieces
Of happiness to fill my purse
Before my companions greed increases